My August Sander work

I took these at a local butty shop but out of the photo i took i didnt use these in my exhibit we did i did this picture below

reboundthis was the better one of the three picture i took.

This was taken in a small shop what sells rebound books.


i wanted to take another picture at the cathedral but i didnt hear back from them when i rang them to ask them if i could go and take the photo so i ended up not doing that and going to these places instead.





August Sander

gw_image-07-web    <—– this is August Sander


August Sander was born in Herdorf Germany.he assisted a photographer who was working down in the mine.he traveled though Sardinia which is a large Italian island he spent 3 months there taking over 500 picture.



these above are the work of August Sander what i liked. i liked this work because very different to what you would see in a normal picture.