Taylor Wessing

Taylor Wessing photographic portrait prize is an international competition open to all, which celebrates and promotes the very best in contemporary portrait photography from around the world.This Showcases young photographers.

these images above are of the taylor wessing comaption in 2016


What the Taylor Wessing page say whats its about

Showcasing talented young photographers, gifted amateurs and established professionals, the competition features a diverse range of images and tells the often fascinating stories behind the creation of the works, from formal commissioned portraits to more spontaneous and intimate moments capturing friends and family.

The selected images, many of which will be on display for the first time, explore both traditional and contemporary approaches to the photographic portrait whilst capturing a range of characters, moods and locations. The exhibition of fifty-seven works features all of the prestigious prize winners including the winner of the £15,000 first prize.




zine_working2 this is my Zine what i made for my Units 5&6 and below is Images of the printed version.



Good Points:

  • The pictures i have chose work well together with the paper i chose which is a good point because all the pictures stand out and all go together and there is nothing what looks out of place.
  • i have got all the pages in the right order. With a zine people can have problems getting the pages you want to match up with what you want on the other side so this is a good point because they are all where i want them and nothing came out wrong.

Bad Points:

  • The pictures are not in the middle of the page.
  • i left the right on the bottom saying page 1-20
  • No title on the front but on the inside cover and i didn’t like it when i saw it printed out.

If i was given another week to work on this Zine i would change the bad points so i would not have a title on the inside i would have it on the front with out a picture and i would take off the page numbers and reline my images so they are in the middle of the page and not to one side and make sure that they are all in the same place on the paper.

Micro Landcsape


These are my Micro Landscape.

Even thought we was meant to be on film i couldnt get them to come out on the film camera’s i use i did many different camera such as a twin lens, Holga and a classic 120 film camera but each time i tried and use them my pictures never came out or if they came out out of focus so when evaluating my work i ended up  do my work on digital and these above are the images i chose for micro landscape.


My August Sander work

I took these at a local butty shop but out of the photo i took i didnt use these in my exhibit we did i did this picture below

reboundthis was the better one of the three picture i took.

This was taken in a small shop what sells rebound books.


i wanted to take another picture at the cathedral but i didnt hear back from them when i rang them to ask them if i could go and take the photo so i ended up not doing that and going to these places instead.






These print are are first week of task what were anything we wanted to do

what we had to do was take out 120 film cameras and take perfectly exposed.


when we had to experiment with the dark room and different chemicals so we used …… tone to turn the prints brown and we can bleach them to make them just look disruptive.


Planning And Images for Taylor Wessing

When researching Taylor Wessing i liked the work and i also found another photographer who did similar work when i went down to the library.

Richard Avedon

i found one of his book which is In the American west i took insprstion from that and also Taylor wessing work so what i decied to do was mix both of them together and get the idea i like.


What i did. 

i took my model and made him stand in front of my camera and not smile and than i played around with light so i moved it farwards to try and get the subject light but i didnt like that so i changed it and moved it away from the subject and i changed the modifier on the flash head and it gave me the lighting i wanted.

i used the background and lighting from taylor wessing but i changed the place of the subject and i did most of them off centre as i thought it would give it a better effect .


Images i used. 

These are images i picked from the shoot I did

i choose 4 images and with the 4 images i processed them in light room so they were black and white and so they was all the same so i changed what i did so with one i just used a black and white filter and than with others i played around with the different elements you can use in light room.


When it was handed in for the unit we had to exhibit down the corridor and we had one of our teacher look at them and see how they were done and how they were as picture.

The Lighting I used



First I tried this lighting first as I thought that it would be the better for what I wanted to do but along the way I found a problem when trying to get the background colour to go gray or black. It was too bright so what I did to fix the problem was I moved the light away from the background and the subject, but the lighting is not what I wanted and it just made the subject dark as well as the background so I changed the modifier to a beauty dish which is displayed below.




With this lighting I found that it was similar to what was happening before but I solved the problem when I put the power of the flash down and I moved the flash head away I started getting the result I wanted for my shoot when I went thought the photos I have taken. I liked them, all I need to do was process them in light room.


This is what I used in the studio in College. 

  1. Flash head this gives us the light, we can change the power we need.
  2. This is a snoot this gives us hard light in a specific area.
  3. This is a beauty dish, and this gives you a lot of light that is harsh and can be bounced off reflective surfaces to create softer light if need be.