Vicki Knights

I have decided to do Vicki Knights because she is a family photographer and it links with my work.

i likes these pictures as they are really good and are the best to show families

i like her style of work as one day she is at a house and than the next she is outside.

When looking on vicki’s website which is



Vicki put on here website what here aim is about all her shoot and this is what she said:

My aim is simple……to provide you with photographs of your family that make you smile every time you look at them. Photos that will be enjoyed for generations to come.To me, photographing children is much more than being asked to sit still and smile at the camera. I aim to capture the essence of what makes your child special; those shy smiles, the head thrown back in laughter and even the frowns! Capturing them as they really are and the special connection you have as a family. No uncomfortable posing, no kids getting bored and definitely no hard sellI want your family photos to be timeless. My style is modern, but not faddish. So you will still be as proud of your photos in 20 years time as you are today.

This is what Vicki Said on her website what is linked above, about what her aim is.


Also on her page is what she is about:

Photographing families is my absolute passion. This is SO much more than a job to me. I’ve been in business for 8 years and have photographed over 400 families, yet I still get excited about every single shoot I do. I love the fact I am freezing a moment in time for families and I take that responsibility seriously.My photography style has been described as natural, expressive and beautiful. I love to capture children and families authentically (no fixed ‘cheese’ grins allowed) but making them look beautiful at the same time!My work has been published in local and national press including the Telegraph, Sunday Express, Mother & Baby magazine and Professional Imagemaker magazine, as well as on lots of photography and parent blogs.I live in the Hindhead/Haslemere area of Surrey with the 3 men in my life….my boys (aged 8 and 6) and my husband Karl. When I  haven’t got a camera in my hand, you can normally find me going for long walks with our little dog Betsy, giggling with friends (normally over a bottle of wine or 2!) or in the gym or running if I’m being good!If you’re still not sure if I’m the right photographer for you, hopefully reading this should help you decide.Here are some iPhone photos of me with my family and some random facts about me so you can get a glimpse into my world before you invite me to photograph yours!

this is found on here About me on here website what is linked above.


Memory Shoot 1


i decided to do this as my memory as i have different memorys of these pictures:

  1. my Family as every Sunday we go up to the cemetery and we go back to  my grandads and we spend time as a family and we have done this for nearly 4 years
  2. i did my Nan’s bedroom and i did this as i spent a lot of time in there before my nan died and it is also where my nan died so that is why include the ones with the bedroom
  3. i remember getting my dog when i was younger and i love the memories i have with her.