Research Pretty Ugly

to get ideas for pretty ugly i used my pinterest

when looking though this i got different ideas on what i could do for pretty ugly and i didn’t really have a idea in mind so i went on to pinterest  made a board for my assessment and i search it up and i found these ideas.








dir. Angelo Pennetta


i like this as i like that she is not looking at the camera and she look like she is concentrating on what she is doing.

i like that there calm colours in the picture with the yellow and the white in the books.

i like that the background is not white and its like a grey colour.


Edward Atkinson Hornel

When going to the art gallery in Manchester I saw this painting and I liked all of the colours and like how innocent the children look in the painting with them sat on the ground.

But it makes you think:

Why are they they alone? Is anyone else there? Where is it set?


I like the autumn colours in the picture as you can clearly see the season this was painted in.


I like the way the children are sat on the floor and how he painted their faces to look more innocent than they could be.

tom tom .jpg

Tim Walker

downloadI went to the 100 Years of Vogue exhibition which was shown in the Manchester Art Gallery. 100 Years Of Vogue started on 24th June – 30th October 2016, and we visited it on the 12th October 2016, while there I looked at the photographer Tim Walker.

One of Tim’s pieces of work inspired me to look more into what he does was Helena Bonham Carter in Glass Elevator.

Key points

Mysterious. What has just happened? Why is there smoke? Why is it purple? Has it come from a parallel universe. Why is she standing in that place? Why is she wearing them clothes? Why does it look peaceful but alarming?

i have chosen to look at the mysterious in my own work.