Leaning Carton 2nd March 17


This is a Italian Work what means “light dark”.

these are some examples of chiaroscuro in these the background is dark and only a little bit of light is used on the photo to show some detail but it doesn’t use a lot of it as there is still shadows.


In this is present There is only three in a set



in this present there is only two in a set

The work:

When doing this the exposer wasn’t right so the film didn’t turn out the way we wanted so what have have to do is either change iso or change the shutter speed on the same camera or change camera. Also make sure that the forcus is right when doing the pictures.



Bounce Flash


This diagram show how you could set up a bounce flash but there is different ideas as you can bounce light off a wall and the background, it doesn’t have to just be at the ceiling.

What is Bounce flash? 

Bounce flash is were you don’t point the flash at the subject and you point it in the different direction to the subject to make the light less harsh on the subject. It increases light surface.

You do this to make the light less harsh and to stop the light for going flat.


Angle of incidence = Angle of reflectance

so if you had 35° it would come out again at 35°.