Shoot 2- Church- 15th November

this is my church where this is not just a home for me it is home to everyone.


First Shoot- 31st October 2016





I decided to takes these photos for my home assessment because to me this means home as its has a lot of memories from when I was little and when I was older at the same time.

From where i used to live i can see the college where i go to know so i have included that as it shows where i have come from to where i am now.

It shows the two places I have lived throughout my life and around the area I grew up in.

I have different memories around this area as the two areas are very close to each other and where I live now is near where my grandparents live so I came and visited them when I could so I have memories with that linking to where I live now.

One of the memories i have around my area is that i was around at my friends house and I learnt my self how to ride a bike when i was 10 years old and I went home as I lived close by and I was very happy as I learnt my self how to ride a bike.

Another one of my memories is me and my friends on a field with a slip and slide running around on a summer day  having fun and eating food, I also went into my friend house and we played games in her house.

As i look back on this shoot i decided i wanted more photos so i went back to my ideas