pretty ugly


these are the images are the ones i thought was the better one of the shoot.


my final image



Memory Shoot 1


i decided to do this as my memory as i have different memorys of these pictures:

  1. my Family as every Sunday we go up to the cemetery and we go back to  my grandads and we spend time as a family and we have done this for nearly 4 years
  2. i did my Nan’s bedroom and i did this as i spent a lot of time in there before my nan died and it is also where my nan died so that is why include the ones with the bedroom
  3. i remember getting my dog when i was younger and i love the memories i have with her.



For the first part of my shoot I placed my model for the shoot in the middle of the studio because it would look even in the background that I had. At first I decided to make the background look ‘messy’ by placing objects ‘all over the place’. As the shoot progressed I decided to add more objects to the background, the reason I had the background look ‘messy’ is I wanted it to look different and seem somewhat mysterious. I wanted the viewer to think of questions like: Why is he there? What has happened? How long has he been there for? For the next part I decided to take the objects away to see how it would look without and experiment with clothing for effect.