zine_working2 this is my Zine what i made for my Units 5&6 and below is Images of the printed version.



Good Points:

  • The pictures i have chose work well together with the paper i chose which is a good point because all the pictures stand out and all go together and there is nothing what looks out of place.
  • i have got all the pages in the right order. With a zine people can have problems getting the pages you want to match up with what you want on the other side so this is a good point because they are all where i want them and nothing came out wrong.

Bad Points:

  • The pictures are not in the middle of the page.
  • i left the right on the bottom saying page 1-20
  • No title on the front but on the inside cover and i didn’t like it when i saw it printed out.

If i was given another week to work on this Zine i would change the bad points so i would not have a title on the inside i would have it on the front with out a picture and i would take off the page numbers and reline my images so they are in the middle of the page and not to one side and make sure that they are all in the same place on the paper.


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