Daniel Edwards

Daniel Edwards visited our college to talk about his work and what his work includes.

Daniel works at a place called  Darbyshire where they make frames for different people and for exhibitions.

When at his talk i learnt from him when framing your work never use anything with acid as it will ruin the picture you put in the frame and try to get the best materials

if you want to sell the photo you have taken put it in the frame your self as if you dont a person wont be as carefully with the frame and do something what isnt right so if you do it you have all rights and they wont change it as they will want money.

He used 3 words which describes what he does;

Prevention – Making it the best way you can with no acid and nothing to compromise the work.

Presentation – The way you show off your work.

Perception – The space in the room,  they way someone see it



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