Planning And Images for Taylor Wessing

When researching Taylor Wessing i liked the work and i also found another photographer who did similar work when i went down to the library.

Richard Avedon

i found one of his book which is In the American west i took insprstion from that and also Taylor wessing work so what i decied to do was mix both of them together and get the idea i like.


What i did. 

i took my model and made him stand in front of my camera and not smile and than i played around with light so i moved it farwards to try and get the subject light but i didnt like that so i changed it and moved it away from the subject and i changed the modifier on the flash head and it gave me the lighting i wanted.

i used the background and lighting from taylor wessing but i changed the place of the subject and i did most of them off centre as i thought it would give it a better effect .


Images i used. 

These are images i picked from the shoot I did

i choose 4 images and with the 4 images i processed them in light room so they were black and white and so they was all the same so i changed what i did so with one i just used a black and white filter and than with others i played around with the different elements you can use in light room.


When it was handed in for the unit we had to exhibit down the corridor and we had one of our teacher look at them and see how they were done and how they were as picture.


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