The Lighting I used



First I tried this lighting first as I thought that it would be the better for what I wanted to do but along the way I found a problem when trying to get the background colour to go gray or black. It was too bright so what I did to fix the problem was I moved the light away from the background and the subject, but the lighting is not what I wanted and it just made the subject dark as well as the background so I changed the modifier to a beauty dish which is displayed below.




With this lighting I found that it was similar to what was happening before but I solved the problem when I put the power of the flash down and I moved the flash head away I started getting the result I wanted for my shoot when I went thought the photos I have taken. I liked them, all I need to do was process them in light room.


This is what I used in the studio in College. 

  1. Flash head this gives us the light, we can change the power we need.
  2. This is a snoot this gives us hard light in a specific area.
  3. This is a beauty dish, and this gives you a lot of light that is harsh and can be bounced off reflective surfaces to create softer light if need be.







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