Planning Shoot 2&3

Shoot 2 

My next shoot I was thinking that I would go to Witton Park as I used to go there as a little kid and it’s a quiet place to go and relax, and being there helped to calm me down.

I was thinking of doing the shoot on the 8th of November if the weather gives the right amount of light. I have checked the weather and looking for the right day, it is meant to be nice. If I can’t do the shoot I will be doing it on the 12th of November so I have two different days.

This did not go as plan and I didnt have a plan B so in further I know in the future to make a plan B.

i was still not able to shoot this due to weather so i decied i would leave this as i couldnt go so i just did my next shoot

Shoot 3 

For this shoot I was thinking of doing my church what I have been going to. I think that would be a good idea as it isn’t just home to me, it is home for a lot of religious people who go to church, as people say a church can be a home for all that believe.

For this I would not need to be depend on the weather as I will be indoors, I will have to experiment around with the lighting as there is no natural light coming in so I will have to see what I can do with the lights and maybe add my own lighting into the picture.

I was thinking of doing it when i’m next in my church which is on the 14th November


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