When i was in Haslingden i went to the Halo. When i talked to someone from Haslingden they said to me that the Halo was put there as in that area there has been ufo sightings and they said it takes most of the lightning what might hit haslingden has they are high up.

These are some of the images i took when up at the Halo.


Speedlight- Workshop With Becky.


We did a workshop with Becky from the South Wales University (Cardiff) on 25th November 2016 what we had to do was go around Blackburn College taking pictures with a Speedlight with coloured gels. We used different locations to shoot these photos as we thought that would be a better feel of what the Speedlight could do.

Edward Atkinson Hornel

When going to the art gallery in Manchester I saw this painting and I liked all of the colours and like how innocent the children look in the painting with them sat on the ground.

But it makes you think:

Why are they they alone? Is anyone else there? Where is it set?


I like the autumn colours in the picture as you can clearly see the season this was painted in.


I like the way the children are sat on the floor and how he painted their faces to look more innocent than they could be.

tom tom .jpg